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KAIROS. The Right Moment: The Exhibition Catalogue


Kairos is the Greek god for the right moment to make a decision. European art history consists of countless decisions that together determine which works of art are seen – and which are not. The exhibition “KAIROS. The Right Moment” takes a look at the unseen in art, at forgotten works and those that have never been created.

Mauro Fiorese visited the depots of important European museums. His photographs reveal their hidden treasures. For KAIROS Wolfgang Beltracchi painted important historical events from the past 2,000 years in the artistic voices of masters of the respective eras. With this exhibition, initiator Christian Zott makes it possible to explore European art history from a new perspective.

KAIROS has already had 32,000 visitors in Venice and Hamburg. The catalogue presents the exhibition artworks in a high-quality box with more than 40 single-fold and tri-fold brochures. It is available in German, English, and as a limited edition with a silkscreen print signed by the artist.

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My Home? Ammer Valley!

Points of View

A valley in Bavaria, lakes, meadows, mountains – and home. From the outside, the perfect cliché. But what is underneath the surface? What does “home” mean to people? And how does it shape their lives?

The book “Heimat? Ammertal! Ansichtssache” (My Home? Ammer Valley! Points of View) answers these questions. 19 Ammer Valley natives asked themselves questions about their “Heimatgefühl”, their sense of home and identity. At which point are you considered a local? Can you imagine moving away from here? Close-knit or hedged in – what is your experience in the village community? And how do you feel about traditions?

The book includes answers to these and other questions, portrays the people and their valley with more than 100 high quality photos. It shows their favorite places and tells stories, reflects on the concept of home.

Publisher is Christian Zott. He commissioned the Hamburg photographer Joachim Ellerbrock to explore his native Ammer Valley to find out what makes is so fascinating. Photographs by Joachim Ellerbrock, texts by various authors. (Book in German.)

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“Points of view that are not commonplace…”

Statements about ‘Heimat? Ammetal!’ (My Home? Ammer Valley!) – what do the Ammer Valley natives featured in the book think of the portrayal of their region? (in German)

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