Kairos. The Right Moment

Wolfgang Beltracchi & Mauro Fiorese

Left: Detail from “Portrait of Ida Rubinstein” by Wolfgang Beltracchi. Right: Detail from “Treasure Rooms of the Belvedere” – Vienna, 2017, Valentina Zamboni

Following in the Footsteps of Great Masters

Botticelli, Vermeer, Picasso – their paintings fascinate even today and awake curiosity about the great masters’ mental processes and techniques. How did the ingenious revolutionary Caravaggio paint? How did Max Beckmann conceptualize his brutally realistic sketches of figures and scenes? With the project “KAIROS. The Right Moment” ZOTT Artspace takes a journey through 2000 years of European art history.

“I am convinced that art is more interesting and fascinating when we understand how or under what circumstances it was created. Putting art – by all means playfully – into its context is what I want to achieve with ZOTT Artspace”. (Christian Zott)

Wolfgang Beltracchi working on the paintings for the exhibition “KAIROS. The right moment”. Closeups from works created using the artistic voices of Max Beckmann, Heinrich Campendonk and Lucas Cranach the Elder.

Actively understanding art eras

With the stroke of a brush, ZOTT Artspace makes the painting styles of great masters come alive. As part of the project “KAIROS. The Right Moment“, the contemporary artist Wolfgang Beltracchi will be creating paintings using the artistic voices of artists long since deceased. Visitors to ZOTT Artspace can literally look over the shoulder of the master adopter of artistic voices, offering them the opportunity to gain a more in depth understanding of the creative processes of the shining lights in European art history. For each picture motif, ZOTT Artspace has identified historical events and historically significant cultural moments from the classical era up to the 20th century that weren’t captured by artists in their time. Now they will become paintings that place history in its artistic context. The works by Wolfgang Beltracchi will be presented in the exhibition “KAIROS. The Right Moment” starting October 2018.


“When you are allowed to visit these special places…”

From the idea to the realization and continuation of the project: how did the series ‘Treasure Rooms’ come about? (Film in German)

Mauro Firoese in the archive of Museo di Castelvecchio in Verona. For his series “Treasure Rooms”, the artists photographed the archives of numerous major museums.


Academic Advisory Board

For the project “KAIROS. The Right Moment”, ZOTT Artspace is working with art historians and other experts to examine and illustrate the wide variety of eras in 2000 years of Western culture. Our aim is to explain art in an easy and exciting way – without cutting any corners in its scientific foundation. For this purpose, we are gradually putting together an academic advisory board. The following experts have already joined the team and are supporting us in our academic advisory board:

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