Wolfgang Beltracchi

Wolfgang Beltracchi

“Filling my life with the art from our culture, feeling my way through the creative spirit of various eras, letting myself be carried along various art movements, and furthering them in my dreams and work is my fantastic reality. I have the privilege of dreamwalking through the rambling corridors of our cultural history, there are no closed doors when it comes to my painting. The unconscious power of our culture, with its true reality, induces new blossoms to flower within me. What is the meaning of art? Nothing other than fulfilling the purpose of life.”

Wolfgang Beltracchi 


Wolfgang Beltracchi, the son of a church painter, was born Wofgang Fischer in 1951. He assisted his father from an early age, immersing himself in his art books. This enabled him – undetected and seemingly incidentally – to develop the foundations of his understanding of art and to acquire a level of skill that would see him go on to repeatedly astound professionals and eventually deceive them. An exceptional talent, he was initially rejected by art school because his paintings were so good that nobody believed that they had actually come from his own hand. Later, after having been accepted, he left academia early because he was bored. He then lived a nomadic life for a year, travelling around as a hippie and an artist. He met Helene Beltracchi in 1992, adopting her surname after they married. The name Beltracchi stands for one of the largest worldwide art forgery scandals in history. Today, it stands first and foremost for an artist with unique talents.Wolfgang Beltracchi and works with his wife at Lake Lucerne and Montpellier.

Wolfgang Beltracchi has mainly devoted himself to painting, as well as graphic design, drawing and sculpting. In addition, he is an author and filmmaker, wrote screenplays and produced video clips. Together with his wife, he wrote and published two books.


“Beltracchi – Selbstporträt”, Helene und Wolfgang Beltracchi, rowohlt , 2014

“Einschluss mit Engeln: Gefängnis- briefe.”, Helene und Wolfgang Beltracchi, rowohlt, 2014

“Jusques à quand : Journal”, Michel Poissenot (Auteur), Wolfgang Beltracchi (Auteur). Edition LOESS, 1998

“Cervera”, Edition Beltracchi/ Edition Villa Saint Clair, 2001

“Tribulation”, Edition Beltracchi, 2003


“BELTRACCHI – Die Kunst der Fälschung”, 2014, Regie:Arne Birkenstock (Deutscher Filmpreis 2014 – bester Dokumentarfilm)

“Der Meisterfälscher – Wolfgang Betracchi porträtiert…”, 2014, Serie, Staffel 1, SRF/ 3sat (European Broadcasting Union – Fernsehpreis 2015, Nominierung Grimme Preis)

“Der Meisterfälscher – Wolfgang Beltracchi porträtiert…”, 2015 Serie, Staffel 2, SRF/ 3sat

“Beltracchi”, 2016,Serie, Staffel 3 (Fortsetzung unter neuem Namen), SRF/ 3sat

Solo exhibitions

2014, “Der Jahrhundertfälscher”, Galerie Christine Brügger, Bern (30. November bis 21. Dezember)
2015 “Arbeiten auf Papier”, Galerie Christine Brügger, Bern (22. – 30. März)
2015, “FREIHEIT”, art room9, München (08. Mai – 23. Okt)
2015, “Im Dunkel der Wälder”, KurtMühlenhaupt Museum,Bergsdorf (11. Mai – 21. Jun)


2016, “L‘Univers de Nabokov”, Galerie Christine Brügger, Bern (16. Jan – 12. Feb)
2016, “Free Method Painting”, art room9, München (Ausstellung in Basel, 13. – 17. Juni)
2017, “Ballets Russes”, Galerie Lilian Andreé, Basel-Riehen (11. Juni bis 9. Juli )

Group exhibitions

1978, “Große Kunstausstellung”,  Haus der Kunst, München / Deutschland (17.06. bis 24.09.) 
2015, “Mona”, Galerie Kornfeld · 68 Projects, Berlin / Deutschland (12.09. bis 28.11.)