Matteo Lo Greco

Matteo Lo Greco was born in Sicily in 1949. After graduating in Political Science at the University of Palermo, Italy, he moved to Lisbon, Portugal, to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. A pupil of Portuguese sculptor Antonio Durante and of painter Hilário Teixeira Lopes, he became an Official Member of the National Society of Fines Arts of Portugal. In 1982, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Mirandela was inaugurated with an exhibition of his works. Matteo Lo Greco has participated in many expositions in Italy and abroad. He was commissioned to produce the Monumento ai caduti (war memorial) for the municipality of Ravanusa, the Pentagramma d’oro for the Goldoni Theatre in Venice, a monumental sculpture for the architect Shigeru Uchida in Tokyo, as well as the Busto di Giovan Battista Gianquinto for the city of Venice. For many years, he has been sharing his time between Sicily and Venice, where he has an atelier and a gallery, Galleria Lo Greco, which has been displaying his works since 1993.