Pollux and Capella, the two stars lighting up the night sky in the winter hexagon from January to March when the exhibition was running, are named after characters in Greek mythology, the cradle of European culture. Pollux is the son of Zeus and Capella the goat that suckled Zeus as he grew up on Crete.

Pollux Capella

Exhibition catalogue, ZOTT Artspace
Softcover, 15 x 15 cm, 40 pages
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First edition 2015
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Pollux Capella

The art world today in many ways appears to be its own vast solar system. Authoritative schools have become obsolete, varying styles exist side-by-side as equals. Unique diversity has evolved through merging cultural characteristics in our globalized art world. Pollux Capella, the first exhibition presented by ZOTT Artspace Dolomites, aims to portray this diversity and lend significance to the longevity of the exhibited works in respect to their individuality and artistic power of expression.

The idea behind the exhibition is to build a bridge between contemporary art in Asia, where the art platform ZOTT Artspace opened its first space in Singapore, and current trends in European art. The art forms on display range from abstract and representational paintings, sculptures and photographs to multimedia installations, video art and large found object artworks. The exhibiting artists, who come from Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Italy, England, Germany and the USA, transform the exhibition into a place where international contemporary art comes together.

Participating artists: Greta Alfaro, Sara Casal, Manfred Dörner, Hans-Joachim Ellerbrock, Alberto Fanelli, Mauro Fiorese, Michaela Johanne Gräper, Matteo Lo Greco, Anne Herzbluth, Iyvone Khoo, Tobias Köbsch, Hubert Kostner, Beth Moon, Mee Ai Om, Max Schmelcher, Konstantin Sotnikov.

The catalogue was published for the exhibition “Pollux Capella”, which ran from 28 December 2014 to 5 April 2015 at ZOTT Artspace Dolomites, San Cassiano.