„I have been painting for over fifty years and this project has still provided me with a great many new insights to add to my knowledge base.“

(Wolfgang Beltracchi)

KAIROS Cover deutsch

KAIROS. The Right Moment

Exhibition Catalogue

Publisher: Christian Zott
Texts: Cornelia Kroiß and Andreas Pawlitschko in cooperation with Helene and Wolfgang Beltracchi

Hardcover Box with over 40 folders, ca. 226 pages, 129 photographs, 23,5 x 17 x 6 cm


ISBN 978-3-945236-02-4
First edition 2018
€ 45,– VAT

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KAIROS. The Right Moment

KAIROS. The Right Moment – The Exhibition and the Catalogue

What is visible to us in the history of European art – and what is invisible? Which treasures from past centuries lie hidden in museum depots and await discovery? What masterpieces did the great artists of the past not paint, even though they could have been highlights of their oeuvres? The KAIROS exhibition explores these questions and brings that which has not been seen from 2,000 years of European art history to light. With works by Mauro Fiorese and Wolfgang Beltracchi, the exhibition is a compact and in-depth tour through the most important eras in history and through museums that guard history’s treasures. By questioning what could have happened we can experience what really happened in art history.



How would Lucas Cranach have portrayed Luther’s turning point in his life towards his ecclesiastical career, and why didn’t he paint this motif? Why would Turner have wanted to paint Charles Darwin’s ship and what opportunity did he miss to do so? How would Monet have dealt with the new medium of photography? And what were the social circumstances that painters like Grosz, Boccioni or Botticelli could have addressed in a key work? The exhibition and catalogue approach art history in a comprehensive, playful and substantiated manner.

The catalogue presents European museums and their collections through Fiorese’s photographs. It shows Beltracchi’s paintings against the background of their stories and the eras they represent, and documents the creation of the works in additional illustrations. The high-quality box contains over 40 folded cards that paint a comprehensive picture of the exhibition and the artists. The catalogue is available in German and English. The German-language special edition – limited to 100 copies – contains a signed and numbered 6-colour screen print by Wolfgang Beltracchi.



About the initiator and editor Christian Zott, born in 1960, founded international consulting firm mSE Solutions in 1987, which he still presides over today. For many years, art has been an important part of his life. Zott collects contemporary works, reflects on the philosophical implications of art, and is in regular contact with galleries and artists. In 2010, he met Mauro Fiorese, marking the beginning of a personal friendship and fruitful collaboration that was enriched in 2015 by an encounter with Wolfgang Beltracchi. Together, they took on the challenge of the Kairos project. Back in 2014, Christian Zott had founded ZOTT Artspace, an international platform for contemporary art. Initially based in Singapore and the Dolomites, ZOTT Artspace is now located in Munich. A museum is currently under construction in Ammertal, on the southern German edge of the Alps.

About the painter Wolfgang Beltracchi, born in 1951 as the son of a church painter, had a profound knowledge of painting techniques and art history from an early age. He left the Werk-Kunstschule (now Hochschule für Design) in Aachen without a degree in 1972, travelled through Europe and North Africa and sold his first paintings. His masterful craftsmanship and deep artistic understanding amazed and deceived the art world. His name is associated with one of the great forgery scandals of the more recent past. Since then Wolfgang Beltracchi has been known and recognised as an independent, contemporary artist. His ability to freely utilise the artistic voices of the great masters as well as his extensive knowledge of the biographies and sensibilities of the style-defining artists of past centuries permit a new, surprising view of European art history in “KAIROS. The Right Moment”.

About the photographer Mauro Fiorese (1970–2016) was one of the most respected photographers of our time internationally, as well as a lecturer and curator. His works were exhibited at the 54th Biennale in Venice and are in private and public collections, such as at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and the National Library of France in Paris, among others. In 1998, Fiorese started working as a lecturer at the University of Verona and the Institute for European Design in Milan. At the beginning of 2016, he was honoured as one of the world’s most important artists by the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Prior to his untimely death in 2016, he worked with the Boxart Gallery in Verona on the acclaimed series “Treasure Rooms”, which won the 2015 Grand Prize at the Milan Photo Fair.