“It is simply beautiful here, very real – the mountains not too high, the valleys not too deep and the winters not too harsh.”

Quote from Ursula Burkhart

My Home? Ammer Valley! Points of View
A special kind of book about “Heimat”

Publisher: Christian Zott
Photographs: Joachim Ellerbrock
Texts: various authors

Hardcover, 23 x 21 cm, 252 pages
93 color and 21 black and white photographs, 1 map
ISBN 978-3-945236-00-0
First edition 2018
€ 30,- incl. VAT

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My Home? Ammer Valley!

A valley in Bavaria, lakes, meadows, mountains – and home. From the outside, the perfect cliché. But what is underneath the surface? What does “home” mean to people? And how does it shape their lives?

The book “Heimat? Ammertal! Ansichtssache” answers these questions. 19 Ammer Valley natives asked themselves questions about their “Heimatgefühl”, their sense of home and identity. At which point are you considered a local? Can you imagine moving away from here? Close-knit or hedged in – what is your experience in the village community? And how do you feel about traditions?

The book includes answers to these and other questions, portrays the people and their valley with more than 100 high quality photos. It shows their favorite places and tells stories, reflects on the concept of home.

Publisher is Christian Zott. He commissioned the Hamburg photographer Joachim Ellerbrock to explore his native Ammer Valley to find out what makes is so fascinating. Photographs by Joachim Ellerbrock, texts by various authors. (Book in German.)

About the Publisher
Christian Zott was born and raised in the Ammer Valley. As a cosmopolitan, he has long been at home in many parts of the world, but his roots still lie in Unterammergau. After completing his first course of study he founded mSE Solutions at the age of 28, which today supports customers worldwide in optimizing their production and supply chains. At the age of 50, he decided to call a time-out. He sets up his company operationally so it can run without him and undertakes a journey – across Europe physically as well as mentally through his own life. Seven months walking through many sites filled with European history give the entrepreneur further ideas. He writes a book, starts studying philosophy, founds the art platform ZOTT Artspace, through which he realizes international art projects, and decides to open an art hall. Where? At home in Unterammergau.

About the Photographer
Hans-Joachim Ellerbrock sees himself as a street photographer, who is always on the lookout for that one special moment in cities and nature, but who also happens upon pictures. The Hamburg native is interested in everyday life. Arranging nothing, letting everything be as it is and yet painstakingly composing things until a very individual perspective of the momentary reality emerges. And he catches them, those random moments that life alone stages. For many years Ellerbrock photographed for the magazines Stern and GEO and was co-founder of the photo agency Bilderberg, which was stylistically formative for photojournalism.