“This body of work shows us how much potential magic we could find in everyday life if only we want to see it. It often appears like a small epiphany: maybe that is also, what happened to Archimedes, but this is my principle: an idea is brilliant as much as people can see it. Light makes also everything light, or lighter, because light is always positive. No light, no life.”

Quote by Mauro Fiorese about “EUREKA”


Mauro Fiorese
Exhibition catalogue, ZOTT Artspace
Softcover, 21 x 21 cm, 40 pages
ISBN 978-3-9816447-7-7
First edition 2014
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In the “Eureka” series, Italian photographer Mauro Fiorese artfully plays with the topic and the semantic tradition of his medium photography. The element connecting his images is light, which is connected to each of the people portrayed with an insight or a revelation. A small boy who makes a special discovery at the harbor. An artist face-to-face with his own work. A researcher who is holding one carefully selected stone out of the thousands in his collection. A pregnant woman who will soon be bringing a new life into the world.

In each of the images an additional light is depicted that does not have a natural source, and which in reality would not appear. Using classic retouching manipulation, commonplace scenes are literally shown in a new light, offering new insights into the apparently familiar settings. An homage to the power of change, the photographs by Mauro Fiorese offer a dedicated and fundamentally hopeful worldview. Instead of fearfully preserving the status quo or standing still, they celebrate the dynamics of ideas that are lent significance through the metaphor of light. Instead of preconceptions and habitual processes, they call for clarity, recognition of reality and the courage to break down paradigms and implement new ideas. Just as light is a fundamental requirement for every photograph, so also are ideas the prerequisite to change.