The juxtaposition of the two groups of works gives form to a new artistic dialogue between nature and mankind. Under the infinite night skies, the reposing figures with closed eyes seem to be sleeping peacefully, protected by huge, beautiful trees. But the relationship between nature and culture is only peaceful at first sight.

Exhibition catalogue ZOTT Artspace
Softcover, 21 x 21 cm, 48 pages
First edition 2016
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Beth Moon & Lois Anvidalfarei

The exhibition „Beth Moon & Lois Anvidalfarei“ unites works from two artists who have both gained respect in their respective fields. It also unites the topics nature and humankind. The South Tyrolean sculptor and sketch artist Lois Anvidalfarei has from the beginning of his artistic career focused on portraying the human body. In his work, he has discovered his very own, unique form of expression that, especially in view of its manifold references to the tradition of European art history, puts him on par with important figures in modern and contemporary art. Lois Anvidalfarei is a profoundly authentic artist for whom life – which is deeply rooted in his rural Ladin hometown – and work – during which his early exposure to the figurative and artistic experiences of this existence is always present – are intrinsically linked.

American photographer Beth Moon has dedicated 15 years to artistically photographing the oldest trees on Earth, developing a unique mastery in the process. In the course of this intense, artistic focus on a rare, long-term photographic project, she became an important protagonist in artistic nature photography. The beauty, dignity and mystery of the oldest and greatest monuments on our planet in these works never cease to amaze us.

The catalogue was published for the exhibition “Beth Moon & Lois Anvidalfarei”, which ran from 21 December 2015 to 25 March 2016 at ZOTT Artspace Dolomites, San Cassiano.