12 January – 8 February 2019


ZOTT Artspace Munich
12 January – 8 February 2019
Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.



By Dr. Eva Karcher

Lights. Narrow lines connect above the luminous monochrome surface, forming a melodious ornament of forms roaming freely in space. The first artwork by the artist and philosopher Max Drömmer from 1960 already formed its own weightless universe. In a conversation with the author, he recalls: “The beauty I wanted to create in my first artwork has remained my main goal in painting. To put it bluntly, to me, art is the hunt for beauty.

This combination of two elementary forces motivates Max Drömmer in his thinking, feeling and perception. As he explained in an interview with ZOTT Artspace, he has experienced that beauty always awakens happiness, ” joy in what is perceived as beautiful, without seeing beauty as a means to an end for other purposes”.


Being happy, which he equates with Immanuel Kant’s disinterested pleasure, is the elixir of Max Drömmer’s art. As an artist, however, he creates not only with the medium of visual arts, but also through piano improvisations and his poems in the mediums of music and poetry. Max Drömmer follows his inner voice in music and poetry and his sensual sensations in painting and drawing without getting involved in a discourse about historical artist heroes or the contemporary art scene.

There are no direct transferences from one sphere to the other. There are no poems that illustrate pictures, for instance, and no sounds seen as synesthetic colors. But the technique of musical improvisation and the method of guided pouring of colors onto canvases, which the artist frequently uses, correspond in so far as their results – the respective compositions – are not based on conceptual sketches. His picture cosmos with their flowing rhythms, the interweaving of lines and euphoric-energetic color harmonies feed themselves rather from a form of meditative imagination.

In his graphics, the artist allows himself satirical liberties with minimalist strokes, including allusions to contemporary events and contemporaries. He unfolds a highly amusing and bizarre cabinet of curiosities made up of hybrid animal and human creatures, all still far away from paradise.

What the artist philosopher Max Drömmer succeeds in with every work is using art as an homage to beauty, following Hegel’s definition: “Beauty is defined as the sensual appearance of the idea”.