2000 Years of European Art

Kairos. The Right Moment

Sculptures by

Lois Anvidalfarei

Photos by

Beth Moon

Paintings by

Konstantin Sotnikov

Skulpturen von

Lois Anvidalfarei

Art is an integral part of our society. But whom does it really reach? How many people have the opportunity to truly understand works of art and their backgrounds, to leisurely take them in?

ZOTT Artspace creates space for art to be contemplated in an unbiased and accessible way. Whether the artists are newcomers or established, whether they’re newly discovered or already famous, the basic questions remain the same. Does a work of art appeal to you? Does it move you? If yes, what about it appeals to you? “Experience Art” and “Understand Art” – ZOTT Artspace offers inspiration as well as background information about the art presented here.

KAIROS. The Right Moment

What if we could see the European art that has been hidden from us so far? In the project “KAIROS. The Right Moment” Christian Zott takes a look at the unpainted and unseen pictures. The painter Wolfgang Beltracchi and the photographer Mauro Fiorese are creating remarkable, unique works for the project.

A self-portrait of Gustav Klimt?

The painting by Wolfgang Beltracchi shows Klimt facing his approaching death. (Film in German)

“Develop an awareness of your own feelings!“

Experience Art

ZOTT Artspace’s goal is to address the senses. Visitors can discover works of art, exchange points of view, talk to artists in a relaxed atmosphere. In the spirit of the “salons”, ZOTT Artspace would like to offer anybody who is interested the opportunity to experience art up close. To that end, the art platform hosts exhibitions and events in spaces in Munich and the Dolomites as well as further temporary locations such as Singapore (2014 – 2017).

Understand Art

Once enthusiasm for a work of art has been awakened, interest in its history and background begins to grow. ZOTT Artspace offers insights into the lives of artists and the characteristic features of their manner of working, and conveys the historical context in which works of art were created. This does not mean that ZOTT Artspace wants to define how art is to be understand. Quite the opposite. As Pablo Picasso once stated “Everyone wants to understand art. Why not try to understand the song of a bird?”

ZOTT Artspace places emphasis on the aesthetic experience. The background information offered here is intended to make the artist’s voices more comprehensible and serve as keys for everyone to better discover and enjoy art.