2000 Years of European Art

Kairos. The Right Moment

Sculptures by

Lois Anvidalfarei

Photos by

Beth Moon

Paintings by

Konstantin Sotnikov

Skulpturen von

Lois Anvidalfarei

What ZOTT Artspace Offers

Is a work of art appealing to us? Does it maybe even move us? If so, it is only then that we can experience its full power and beauty. ZOTT Artspace wants to create these special moments through its exhibitions, events and background information.

“Experience Art” and “Understand Art” – ZOTT Artspace offers encounters with artists and their creative process as well as stories and insights into contexts, which provide new ways of perceiving works of art.

News: “This Body that Goes on Forever”

Mountains, nature, the sky often closer than the horizon – and in between man, who asserts himself through his liveliness and occupies his own place in the expanse of space. Bodies are the defining topic for the sculptor Lois Anvidalfarei. On his farm in the Dolomites, he works obsessively with the motif that refuses to let him go. From 23 June to 7 July 2018, ZOTT Artspace and Barlach Halle K will present sculptures and drawings by the South Tyrolean artist in Hamburg.

KAIROS. The Right Moment

What if we could see the European art that has been hidden from us so far? In the project “KAIROS. The Right Moment” Christian Zott takes a look at the unpainted and unseen pictures. The painter Wolfgang Beltracchi and the photographer Mauro Fiorese are creating remarkable, unique works for the project.

A Visit to Wolfang Beltracchi’s Studio

How can you create a masterpiece using the artistic voice of an old master? (Film in German)

Interview with ZOTT Artspace founder Christian Zott 

„Develop an awareness of your own feelings!“ “